Crypto When Lambo Board Game Background

Crypto When Lambo (CWL) board game was inspired by crypto fortunes that were made and lost overnight. Your goal is to build a crypto empire with your own crypto company and coin to become the most successful crypto investor.

There are multiple paths to winning the game such as by becoming the richest person in the crypto world or leading a crypto company with several products and employees dominating the markets.

CWL is full of fun with trading, resource management, market manipulation, and teaming concepts. It is simple to learn but hard to master with all the strategies available to you.

Get ready for your first adventure on CWL. Have fun building your Crypto Empire!


Crypto When Lambo Board Game Strategy

Build and expand offices

You begin the game with three offices. Place at least one of them on a REAL ESTATE resource production tile. Early expansion will get you more resources and points. Use “Office Move” action cards to slow down your opponents’ expansion. Don’t underestimate CRYPTO EXCHANGE and MANAGEMENT resources which are key to fast accumulation of share cards.

Collect your coin company share cards

Your most important asset is your crypto coin company shares. You start the game with 2 company share cards. You should try to acquire as many of your company share cards as you can before your coin price value increases and before doing an ICO. Once you have the majority of your share cards, try to collect your opponents’ share cards. Manipulate your opponent’s coin prices to slow them down.

Timing of your ICO

Try to time your ICO so that you have the highest level of starting coin price before doing it and make sure you don’t wait too long for a perfect ICO that someone else beats you to it.